The Allure Of Japanese Textiles

The admiration of Japanese culture and how it influences our brand is a touchstone of our ethos, a tenet that fuels our inspiration for every piece we design. It manifests in the fabrics we choose for our collections, of which over 90% are cut from cloth milled from the land of the rising sun.

Ikat, known as kasuri in Japanese, is a dyeing technique in which yarns are bound with pre-arranged patterns and then dyed. The yarns are then assembled into the proper sequence, where the pattern emerges as the weaving action progresses.

Our signature Ikat fabric, milled in Osaka, encompasses incredible texture and craftsmanship, yet isn’t bothered with preciousness or unnecessary perfection. It’s soft, rustic, and elevated luxury all at once.

If there is a Japanese philosophy that represents Arcady’s approach to how we create our clothing, it’s the idea of Wabi-Sabi. Wabi is the pursuit of a rustic, considered, yet refined beauty and design...a quiet tastefulness that nonetheless stands out because of its elegance and craftsmanship.

“We go to great lengths to import the best Japanese textiles, not only because of their superior construction and inherent quality, but because there is a soul behind them. Our clothes are made using ancient fabric techniques that have been around for centuries, and continue to inspire to this day. The energy of that history and the legacy of that craftsmanship is the very essence of what ARCADY strives to offer in every piece.”

November 24, 2017 by Arcady Team