Winter is Coming: The Arcady Guide to Layering

As another fall comes to an end, it’s time to look forward to your winter wardrobe. 

While it can be easy to mourn the loss of crisp fall days, it’s important to remember what one gains as the season changes: style.

Getting dressed on the perfect fall day or a frosty winter morning takes thought. A coat can do wonders, but it’s what you put on underneath that makes the difference. Each layer serves a purpose, helping you stay comfortable while looking good throughout your day, no matter the location or temperature.

While summer is about staying happy in the heat, autumn is a man’s chance to really tell a story through his style.

Arcady’s Fall / Winter 2017-2018 Collection is all about that story.

The collection is called Americana Modern and honors classic style with a modern twist. Each piece pairs a clean, classic silhouette with luxurious and comfortable fabrics that will make the thought of a cold winter night something to smile about.

So, take off your coat, and stay awhile because this tale starts with the t-shirt.


The T-shirt

An average cold day can see temperatures from freezing outside to heater-stuck-on-high at the coffee shop and everything in between. In cold weather a t-shirt has to work hard. It needs to look and feel great when you’re bundled up under heavy layers, as well as on its own when you’re ready to peel them off.

Arcady’s Tri-Blend Tee is the classic stable tee elevated. On its own with the Black Cropped Pants or Standard Pant, or even under the Ikat Bomber, the Tri Blend Tee is the perfect base to build an outfit for any situation.



For a more laid back look, start with the Slub Tee. The 100% cotton hybrid is the perfect balance of slim and roomy which gives it more of a weekend vibe. Paired with the Standard Pant and a Cable Knit Beanie, the Slub Tee is perfect for those early fall days when the weather hasn’t quite made up its mind. Or, when layered under the Belted Shawl Collar Coat and the Sparta Overcoat, the Slub Tee is ideal for when the seasons have finally settled.



Button Down

If a t-shirt alone isn’t keeping you warm, isn’t appropriate for the occasion, or if you just want to take things up a notch, adding a flannel button down can elevate your look in an instant. 

By changing up the fabrics, a white button down can suddenly feel transformed.  Made from textured Japanese cotton, the Flannel Button Down will keep you warm and effortlessly chic.  When paired with a pop of color from the oxblood Stretch Moleskin Pant and the multi-functional unstructured Travel Blazer, you’re no longer wearing just a simple white button down.



For the times when a pop of color simply isn’t enough, a monochromatic oxblood look with the Vintage Flannel Button Down and the Stretch Moleskin Pant makes the Belted Shawl Collar Coat feel all the more special. Or if you’re looking for a more neutral feel then the texture in the Speckled Flannel Button Down under the Camo Overcoat is an everyday item that’s far from ordinary.


And for those days when you want to stay warm, but not bulked down, the lighter weight Mandarin Collar Shirt is the easy answer. Worn under the Cashmere Zip-up Hoodie and the Shearling Moto Jacket, or by itself under the Suede Bomber and the Hollywood Pant, the modern take on the traditional collarless shirt adds just the right amount of elegance to your everyday wardrobe.



No matter what you’re wearing, throwing on a sweater has the ability to instantly pull everything together and make every choice look intentional.

Lounging around the house in the Cashmere Zip-Up Hoodie and the Cashmere Pant feels like an extravagant activity instead of a lazy afternoon. Throw on the Suede Vest over the hoodie and all of a sudden you’re ready to meet your friends in the country for an afternoon of skeet shooting.

The California Pullover, Mohair Crew Neck, and Plush Hoodie give off warmth and that elusive weekend cool no matter what you wear them with. The casual look of the Cashmere Hoodie easily transitions from hanging out to going out especially when you throw on the Leather Bomber Jacket to top it off.

With your layers in place, throw on the Sparta Overcoat or the Wool Blend Technical Parka with Fox Fur and rest assured you’ll be comfortable and stylish wherever the day takes you.



October 06, 2017 by Arcady Team